A few helpful Frequent Asked Questions and answers to guide you through some of the more common questions.

How much per square foot will my house cost?

That is a very difficult question to answer. There are so many variables at work. It will depend on materials used, material prices at the time, specific conditions of job site, design of home and other factors specific to the client’s home. We try to give a best case / worst case scenario range for pricing at the beginning stages of conversation, but cannot absolutely guarantee accuracy.

How long will it take to build our home?
This will depend on a couple of different factors. Weather is always the most determining factor. This is self-explanatory and a lot of it is determined by the time of year construction will be started. Sub-contractor schedules, material availability, in some cases unforeseen circumstances and change orders created by the client are all factors that can skew the determined time for completion.
Does my home come with a warranty?
Your Elite home comes with a standard 1 yr. warranty on the construction of the home. After you close, we will warrant the home against builder defects for 1 year. Appliances will be covered by manufactures warranty. You should ask an Elite representative to go further in depth with how the home owner warranty works and how it applies to your specific home.
Can Elite design my home so it is not cookie cutter like development style homes?
ABSOLUTELY! That is what we do! We are a design/build company that takes your project from imagination to move-in. We cater to the clients who want an individual home and not a home that looks exactly like the neighbors. Bring us your favorite design, or we can design your home from scratch…….together.
Can you help us find land for our new home?
Yes, we have access to agents that can help ease your journey of finding just the right location for your new home. Just let us know if you would like our assistance.
Does Elite finance the build of the new homes that they build?
If the home is being built on land owned by Elite homes, then it may be able to be financed for build by the company with a significant down payment, but usually the lot or land is owned or being purchased by the client. We would be glad to direct you to banks and mortgage companies that would be a great fit for your building needs.
Are we able to use any of our own subcontractors or family members for certain things on our home?
Elite has its own subcontractors and vendors that have worked for us for years. We have assembled a very knowledgeable and dependable group that works together to build your home with quality and care. We have a system. We prefer to work only with our team when it comes to building your home.
Can we pick out our own flooring, fixtures and other materials from different vendors outside of Elites supply network and vendors?
That depends. Ask an Elite representative at time of consultation and there should be an easy and acceptable answer/solution to this question.